Website Manual

Our primary goal at KnowledgeMatters is to spread valuable knowledge. We've built this website as a way to gather, organise and spread useful documentaries. But most of all, to assist you in doing your own research.

Dividing up the Homepage into 3 different paths, we hope the information will be more accessible. Each path covers the same topics, but varies in length and depth.

If you're new to all this, stay on Getting Started. If you're up for some deeper thoughts, go to Tell me everything.

The presented information is not absolute truth but a different perspective on our current system and society. Please don't just readily accept this information, but use it to challenge your current worldview and look beyond the stories we're being told.

The important part is the bigger picture: everything is connected and all topics are related. This makes it difficult to categorise certain topics, but we think we've come up with a fairly decent system. By using 9 domains, based on the Flower of Life, we hope you'll be able to start seeing the connections between all aspects that affect our lives.

 I Oneness
II Spirit           III Science
IV Planet         V People          VI Power
III History         II Out There
I Duality

I Oneness: interconnectedness and shared consciousness
II Spirit: the metaphysical realm
III Science: progress, new developments and different perspectives
IV Planet: nature, environment, food and energy
V People: societal structures, health, psychology
VI Power: (geo-)politics, economics, corporations and religion
III History: ancient civilisations, archeology and evolution theory
II Out There: are we alone?
I Duality: separation, satanism and occult knowledge

You must know that this website is a dialed-down version of our initial vision.

Our end goal is an interactive platform; a guide to help you connect the dots and follow your own path to Truth. Not only a map of all the information required to start seeing the bigger picture, but also a place where you will find practical solutions to any problems you might uncover.

As you will find out, we will continuously update our content to expand our knowledge.

Will you expand yours?