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Let's hit the spot:

We have lost our will to live as one and to treat each other as equals. Find out why

Do you know how money is created?

Out of thin air, but everything has to be repaid with interest to privately owned corporations. Find out why. Tell me more.

What about equality?

Private wealth is bought with public poverty. Find out why

What democracy?

Our political system doesn't serve the people. Find out why.

Isn't it time to move forward?

We have the technology to solve ALL of our current problems. Find out why.

Do you know about quantum mechanics?

This theory shatters our current understanding of physical reality. Find out why.

Do you know you create your own reality?

Our perception influences our physical manifestation and daily reality. Find out why.

What do you know about spirituality?

There's so much to explore: from Thoughts to Atlantis. Find out why.

Do you know civilisation is much older and more mysterious than we thought?

Mainstream archeology is much less accurate as they claim it to be. Evidence of ancient developed civilisations is still found throughout the world! Find out why. Tell me more.

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Let’s hit the spot:

Most of us are brainwashed into ‘cultural’ values that cause segregation. Find out why.

Do you know what really caused this crisis?

Wall Street has been taken over by greed, Ponzi schemes and uncontrollable algorithms. Find out why.

Do you know what we could achieve?

Zero-point energy would allow the creation of a prosperous and equal society. Find out why.

Do you know we actually are one?

We assume atoms are built up of 99.9% ‘empty’ space. But there is no empty space! We are all connected by this space, which is the source of material reality. Find out why.

Do you know consciousness is in everything?

Something as immaterial as consciousness could never arise from something as unconscious as matter. Therefore, consciousness is primary. Find out why.

Do you know how our diet affects us?

Our food industry is based on profit and greatly damages our bodies. Instead, it should provide us with the best nutrition to improve our health. Find out why.

Tell me everything:

Let’s hit the spot:

Our financial system is run by a corrupt criminal elite that robs us on an unimaginable scale. Find out why.

Do you know the dark side of capitalism?

Our current ‘free’ market system was imposed by America, after successfully testing it in South-America by supporting coup d’états and creating economic crises. Find out why.

Do you know how they played with our minds?

To push economic growth, a whole generation was formed into obedient consumers by marketing and psychoanalysis. Find out why.

Do you know why our systems will collapse?

They were built to fail: based on infinite growth, dependant on fossil fuels and overconsumption, causing nothing but waste and natural depletion. Find out why.

Don't you think it's time to wake up?

Our world has been controlled by the same elitists for a long time, their goals have never changed, their methods have only been adjusted. Find out why.

Do you know there's something wrong with evolution theory?

There’s no evidence supporting the theories we’re being taught today, on the contrary: it shows an inexplicably rapid change in biology. Find out why.

Do you know how we treat animals?

You know… you just don’t want to be confronted with it. Find out why.

Do you think we're alone?

Life-supporting elements are all over the universe; thinking we’re the only intelligent beings in this rapidly expanding, incomprehensibly humongous space is beyond arrogant. Find out why.