Rebekah Roth

E. Westhoff

Rebekah Roth has found the missing piece of the 9/11 investigations. Working as a flight-attendant and purser for 30 years, she published a book, "Methodical Illusion", in which she explains her findings in the form of a novel (to protect herself).

Shortly after 9/11, she found out that 10 of the 19 alleged hijackers were still alive! Unfortunately, this issue couldn't be discussed while she was still employed. After her resignation, she was asked to share her story.

With her extensive experience with airplanes and (hijacking-) procedures, combined with thousands of hours researching official documents of all the organisations like the FBI, CIA, FAA, NORAD etc), she reconstructed the flight paths of the 4 planes. 

The planes díd take off at the respective airports, but were taken over by a Flight Termination System, a remote control plug in device that also cuts off internal and air-to-ground communication, including the transponder. By flying below the radar, the airplanes could land, unnoticed, on the Westover Air Reserve Base in Massachussets. After being taxied in to hangars, some passengers were forced to call their relatives with their cell phones, telling that the airplanes were hijacked by Middle-Eastern terrorists. This had to be done from the ground because cell phones do not work above 600 meter

Her book is currently being promoted and distributed by pilots all over the world who support her claims. Check out this video to find out more.