Groundation creates the best vibrations your ears will ever hear. After listening the same 5 albums for over 5 years, I still don't skip tracks.
At KM, this is the standard background music. Not only for the gooodvibes, but also because of the lyrics. Listen carefully!
Below we've compiled the best lines, arranged in a story that describes why we started KM.

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Each One Teach One // We Free Again // Young Tree // Dragon War // Dub Wars

I just want to reach dem all
Who can not see

People if I had only one more day
I’d live my life right I would
I would find a way to love every day
All people as I should

Oh but now today
we’re living in a world of confusion
trying to find a solution

Oh Jah, our mind is sleeping
Oh Lord, they could a stumble

Work as long as they live
Live as long as they love
Love as they were to remember

They no longer see
they no longer have a faith

Man’s got to find
a way out of this confusing
situation facing confrontation

Some say ‘I’m only one man, what can I do?”
well Jah has got plenty of work for you

Oh humble yourself and open your heart
Live your life right from the start

Oh you must live intelligently
if only for yourself
stand on your principality

If your heart it a pure one,
Surely you will see through your illusion
Of the worlds harsh reality
a sufferation of all humanity

Protect dem for dem see that they
should not be weeping, they should be loving
They should be rejoicing for life

Are people being taught different things?
Or the same things in a different way?

Look how they lean upon dem technology
Asking to trade our heart for a world of greed

Some may say: “oh why am I here today?”
Well if you do not know today you will tomorrow.

Rally round, Gather round, everyone run come
Pass it on:

Each One Shall Teach One