Orgonise Amsterdam

Be gone, bad vibrations!

In the last two months, we've been working to understand and produce orgonite structures. We had a workshop during which we made our own random creations, when we realised it's very easy (and awesome) to make more of these.

Orgonite structures are made of metal, crystals and epoxy. They're said to have a special effect: attracting low vibrations (positive ionized radiation like WiFi), and transforming this into goood vibrations (negatively ionized radation). In short: bye bye bad vibes!

Though it might be hard to prove they actually work (with 'real' scientific evidence), we've ordered two radiation meters. As soon as we've got them, we'll do our own research!

Check this video or this one (!) for evidence (?) of some kind of effect.

More information can be found through this (Dutch) presentation that was presented during our Orgonite workshop from September 6th.

In our daily lives, we encouter a lót of these bad vibrations.. our phones and laptops are constantly sending and receiving 4G/WiFi signals. The biggest source of these frequencies are the cell phone towers, and some are huge!

Amsterdam alone has 400 of these bad boys.

But some say there might be a solution: TowerBusters, a specific orgonite structure that is said to neutralize these towers easily. So we made them, to start testing, and see what happens.

Now, we're not saying that we really want to make 400 of these, but let's see how far we get..

Would you like to help? You can 'adopt' one by donating 4€. In return, you'll receive a picture of the TB on location (if you want one for yourself, order one extra!)

We'll be keeping track of our progress on this map

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