Mens sana in corpore sano

In the last period, we've given a lot of attention to the harmful effects caused by radiation (wifi), our diet and our declining health industry. Good health is the best way to deal with all of this and can make us more independent from big pharma..

Living a more healthy life can be quite hard to start with.

We’re being bombarded with information, but also with hypes; to distinguish what can really help us in our daily routine isn’t easy. In the coming month, all of us at KM are teaming up to try out some new habits (and to let go of some of our bad ones).

We will be sharing tips, articles and our experiences during the next four weeks on both FB and our site. To reduce costs we’ll be buying more expensive (organic) products in large quantities. We will also share our sources, so it will become easier for you to stock up!

Our aim is to improve our own personal power and inspire others to join and work together.

Get your first inspiration from the documentary Forks over Knives!

New habits:


stop doing: cigarette // coffee
start doing: water
even better: warm water + 1/2 lemon (freshly pressed). Use a straw and rinse with cold water.
now and then: add 2 tsp apple cider vinegar to the above

note: don't eat anything for 15-30 minutes


stop doing: bread // coffee // dairy products
start doing: oatmeal + fresh fruit // fresh juice
even better: oatmeal + teff + flax seed + hemp seed + whatever!
brunch: wafers (see below)

avoid eggs / protein until midday, your body isn't ready to process them in the morning!

During the day:
  • Reduce coffee intake to 2 cups, replace with (ginger) tea, drink enough water!
  • Avoid added sugars and white flour
  • Drink your food, chew your drink! Whatever the substance, make sure you chew enough.

stop doing: bread
start doing: eggs + tomatoes (topped with olive oil and pepper) // salad // (home made) soup
even better: see recipes below
4 o'clock bite: avocado


stop doing: daily meat (reduce to 1-2x a week, from a good butcher)
start doing: more (sweet) potatoes, quinoa, bulgur
even better: go full on organic!
evening snack: chickpeas (see below)


stop doing: phone close to head (put it on Airplane mode!)
start doing: 2 cups of water before sleeping
even better: 1/2 lemon + 2 tsp olive oil + water (after a month, do this once ever 3-4 days)

Buying products:

We recommend you buy your fresh produce at your local bio-stores. We're currently looking for a good whole-sale partner for all other products (seeds/nuts/oil).

These are the shops we currently use, please let us know if you have suggestions!

Body&Fit : wafers, peanutbutter, wheatgrass, protein, teff

Pit&Pit : nuts, oil, seeds



Easy: peanutbutter + real butter // humus
Even better: peanutbutter + honey + nutmeg

Buckwheat pancakes:

Easy: 100g flour + 2 eggs + 200 ml water. mix eggs with flour, then add water. Bake long(er than expected), thin or think.
Even better: add sliced banana, apples + cinnamon, kiwi, avocado,.. whatever you prefer from the veggie or fruit department. (nope, nutella and other processed sugars have to stay away this month)


Medium: soak hard chickpeas at least 6 hrs (overnight), cook for 1 – 1,5 hr. Dry, put on oven plate. Sprinkle oil + salt on top. 20 – 30 min 200 Cs
Even better: blend peas + olive oil + tahin +lemon juice + whatever to make humus