Why are we doing this?

Our world and it's societies are in a bad shape. Most of the important societal structures are falling apart: Our financial system is stuck in a perpetual debt crisis, people are pitted against one another and technological limitations are knowingly maintained. These barriers are preventing us from solving these issues with ease. More and more people have to face the consequences of growing and extreme inequality or perhaps suffer under violence of war; billions of people don't have a positive prospect of life.

One of the greatest issues however, is the fact that most people are living in a state of ignorance.

People tend to withdraw into their comfort zones, or are simply too overwhelmed by their own problems and don't have the time to worry about worldy issues. 

Our primary goal is to make sure this ignorant way of life will be abandoned. Not only by gathering information and sharing Knowledge, but also by providing solutions and an alternative lifestyle.

Once again, the world is in a bad shape, but it doesn't have to be this way! We shouldn't be unhappy, pessimistic or scared. War, poverty and scarcity are superfluous! We shouldn't even be working 40 hours a week!

We, mankind, have the capacity, knowledge and technology to make life a wonderful thing, for everybody on this planet!

So let's start to make that happen..for everybody..